Paysystem is not dead.

I still have IMA account working with them and many other companies.I also got money this morning as usuall in my bank via ACH.

Now they are/where trying to convert IBA accounts into IMA accounts a few months ago to comply with Visa/MC regulations. Some accounts where migrated fast, majority where not. They are still operating and they are sending money to IBA users too (except reserves). From what I’ve heard reserves will be held for 6 month and they paid out.

Now in regards to where Paysystems will be after all this is done I don’t think nobody can comment on that. You can always incorporate in US or EU and get a merchant account easly.



For EU companies there are some (I am only saying real merchant accounts):

1) WorldPay
2) Russ Gottlich from MerchantAccounts4Less has other alternatives too - Linkpoint
3) PlanetPayment
4) Apply directly to Visa/MC/Amex account and use other gateways (There are several options - itransact.com is one)

3rd party processors are even more, 2co, volpay, etc…

For other countries other than EU/US I really can’t say.